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I've split this off from the topic you originally posted it in because the issue described in that topic has already been resolved and yours would be classified if a new issue if it remains ongoing.

Comments (20) | Tags: visual studio c | Seems that the file has been deleted T_T And I was so looking forward to getting your version which is better than microsoft's buggy distribution installer.

The VC Redist Installer ships with all components included so that it is perfectly suited for offline installations.Please note that you need to launch the installer with administrative privileges on your system.When you do, you are presented with a list of all included components.Installing Visual C Redistributable Package from Command Line You may think that unless you explicitly use some external library (like FMOD), your program will not require any additional libraries to work, but when coding in C using Visual Studio, this is not the case.The functions of standard C/C library are implemented in a package of DLL-s called Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Package. For example, version for Visual Studio 2013 (Release configuration) consists of files: msvcr120.dll, msvcp120The basic idea behind the VC Redist Installer is to provide you with all important Visual C runtimes in a single installer.


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