Updating content types

One of the management overheads is when a document template needs to be updated.

How can you do that programmatically using Power Shell? The Power Shell Script, Update-SPContent Type Document Template.ps1 below does just that.

Note: At this moment you can only associate a Word, Excel, or Power Point template to a site content type.

Creating a site content type that is associated with a document template can also help keep your documents organized by utilizing qualified metadata (read our post about Share Point metadata for a brief review) such as the sales person who generated the contract, the company the proposal is for, the date of submission, and the effective contract date.

Content Types are the building blocks for structured authoring in Drupal.

Content types often work in conjunction with Views, which is one way you can serve up content to your end users; you can control the content types that appear and the order in which they appear.

header tells the client what the content type of the returned content actually is.

Once the template is in place, all the sale executive will need to do is click “New Document” on the Share Point site and the ‘Sales Contract” will automatically be available for easy access.Moreover, the base configuration of a content type may also permit other additional custom settings provided by add-on modules.Fields: Content Types permit the creation of a set of fields that are associated together in some meaningful way.If you were to duplicate this on a Drupal site you would create a Content Type. Contacts), define the information that you wanted to store about each contact (called Fields in Drupal), and then add those Fields (e.g.First name, last name, and mobile phone number, etc.) to that Content Type.Developers can also customize the authoring experience in the same way.


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