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Check out some ideas from experienced single dads about taking care of you.I'm a newly single mom, I'm 40, I'm at my sexual peak and I want a partner, a long-term life partner. More particularly, how do I meet people with a stroller in hand and/or tell people I've got an amazing three-year-old kid I'm committed to raising (well). As for online dating, I don't want to attract predators, I'm concerned for my daughter's wellbeing.How to Take Care of You as a New Single Father Finding yourself a newly single dad can seem pretty overwhelming.There just seem to be a lot more things to balance now to keep the family organized and moving, and perhaps a lot less time for you.

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Hell, you're not the only person on your block who feels this way. And the easiest way to avoid bitterness, LSBG, is by getting out there doing shit. Keep meeting up with guys from apps for quick coffee dates, of course, but get out there and do shit you enjoy without the goal of meeting the "right" guy every time you leave the house.Because if the stars all align, LSBG, you could find yourself in the right-guy-place at the right-guy-time.In other words, stop waiting for a guy to come along and make you more extroverted by insemination.All our coupled mates want to match-make us, our single guy friends want to give us Kleenex cuddles (in hope of sex...) and the SWUF (see urban dictionary) invite us back onto the Whats App thread and invite us to cool shit like disengagement parties.READ MORE: Five Totally Underrated Sex Acts So how are we to navigate in our newfound land of popularity and desirability?Two of the more notable media makers included Howard Berger from a popular Maple Leafs hockey blog, and Joel Levy interior photographer Toronto who snapped all the pictures in the official write-up about the relationship book launch event on Single in the City blog.


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