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Every Soldano amplifier is hand-built in Seattle, WA, USA to the highest possible specifications. The 100w Super Lead Overdrive amplifier carries a transferrable LIFETIME warranty on workmanship.

As you browse through this brand-new Web site, you will find pictures and descriptions of the products we currently offer. All other SOLDANO guitar amplifiers and cabinets carry a LIFETIME warranty on workmanship for the original owner only.

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Boutique Roots Bad Cat Tube Amplifiers was founded in 1999 on the basic principle Mark Sampson brought over from Matchless Amplification, to hand-craft classic circuits using superior components and materials.

Many of the early Bad Cat amps made during Matchless’ brief bankruptcy period were merely rebranded Matchless circuits, some even had...

Have included increasing the seating capacity dating reisen singles was raised from 87.

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As can be witnessed by how often this design is copied and the number of digital models attempting to emulate the “Soldano Sound”, our mark of excellence still defines the quintessential hot guitar sound for the new millennium.

Some guitarists like the compact size and simplicity of a combo amp.

The REVERB-O-SONIC goes from super-glassy Surf tones to fat, gritty Classic Rock growl and much more! Check it out » The Lucky 13 family of amplifiers combine two amplifiers in one box - a sparking, super-luscious, vintage-sounding clean amp combined with a rich, singing, harmonic-laden, high gain amp for the best of all worlds.

Check it out » As president and founder of Soldano Custom amplification, I’d like to thank you for your interest in Soldano products.

As you are most likely aware, Soldano amps are known as the best sounding, best built, and most versatile all-tube amplifiers that money can buy.


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