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For the first time, Odchimar openly spoke with reporters about perceptions that he was among the prelates belonging to the so-called “Malacañang diocese,” which allegedly supported in secret Arroyo during her time in power.

“That has to be qualified that I am close to her because protocol dictates that as the head of the diocese, whenever she and other government officials [visited], I was also with them because we had common constituents,” said the prelate.

Why invite unnecessary obstacles and tensions by initiating a relationship with someone who does not share your deepest beliefs?Every time I see that TV commercial for the Christian Mingle dating service, I am torn between the rival urges to vomit and to laugh.Please understand me: my reactions stem not from any anti-Evangelical animus, though, as you know, I am pleased to have put those childish things behind me many years ago now.Nor do I even think the Born-Again dating computer idea is a bad one.The pain of loneliness is a severe one, and I am happy when people find a kindred spirit and a welcome heart.We have an outstanding customer service record and value your business, which can be seen on our Trade Me store, member username “itdirect”.


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