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For the overwhelming majority of people, medical professionals included, there's just no question.

But that didn't stop one Gold Coast based mummy blogger from hosting an Instagram Live chat to discuss whether or not parents should vaccinate their children.

In this case, it comes before the noun, so the second sentence is grammatically incorrect.

Among the first results that I found on the subject are the following; 1, 2. In both scenarios, the phrase is used as a compound adjective.

LANSING - Two years after implementing separate core subject classrooms for boys and girls at Lansing’s Willow Elementary, the district’s Board of Education voted Thursday night to suspend the practice. The district fell afoul of federal officials because it didn’t seek their approval prior to implementing the plan, according to Lansing Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul.

Doing so would have required the district to explain its goal of closing an achievement gap between male and female students and backing it up with data.“It was really a technical problem,” Caamal Canul said.

Members of the Lansing School District Board of Education voted Thursday to put an end to single-gender classrooms at Willow Elementary School.

Separating male and female students in core subjects was done in an attempt to boost academic achievement at the school. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights opened an investigation into whether the use of single-gender classrooms by the district complied with Title IX, the federal law barring discrimination based on sex.

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We are all here to interact with you in a safe and fun dating environment for sex singles. No problem, we have a dedicated customer support hotline and we always help out to give you the best dating experience.Fewer third-grade boys and girls at Willow scored proficient on the math and English portions of the M-Step last year compared to the 2014-15 school year, according to state data.Intent on narrowing the achievement gap between male and female students, officials introduced separate core classrooms at Willow in the fall of 2015.“We sat down with federal officials and they gave us two options: either we could go back to a full co-ed building or they could do a full investigation.”The district and the board opted to go back to co-ed core subject classes rather than go through a full investigation. The district signed an agreement with federal officials to ensure male and female students will be in the same classes during the upcoming school year.A compliance review by the Office for Civil Rights found that the district discriminated on the basis of sex when it separated students by sex at Willow, according to an email Friday afternoon from a U. Single-gender classrooms also fell short of the district’s expectations in terms of student learning.“We were not seeing single-gender classrooms making enough of a difference,” Caamal Canul added.Leila Stead, who blogs as , held the chat titled "To Vax Or Not" on Tuesday morning and insisted that "we can not take away a woman's right to choose" whether or not to vaccinate their children.


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