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Great cities exist, but beyond the stone walls of humans, arcane forces of magic move through the land.

Your objective is to experience life in Avalon, for only through experience and competence at your skills can you elevate your mortal spirit into the form of a deity and become one of the gods; immortal souls, overseeing the continent from their Olympian thrones.

Material goods and magical artifacts you will doubtless encounter, and many will help you in quests and future battles, though wealth is a poor substitute for the true essence of perseverence, competence and - it is hoped - the reawakening of an ancient heroism.

Step into this world and you may become an integral part, a major character in an unfolding tale, a great figure in the next noteworthy event in Avalon's illustrious history. This means that as you are thinking and acting, events will continue to progress around your character.

Avalon is also a multiuser world which means there are many other real-life players who you will meet during your time within the land.


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